How To Manage Email Rules In Hotmail Account

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When you get messages in your Hotmail account, it will be piled up in your inbox and that would be really difficult to search your inbox. In fact, when you wish to search and find a client’s mail, but you forgot to take the follow up; it could be a huge loss for your business. Fortunately, Hotmail has a wonderful feature to organize your emails in a systematic manner to avoid any last-minute hurdles. You can use Rules to keep the alike messages in a specific folder and keep a track of communication with the Follow-up feature.

How to create a rule?

  • From your Hotmail account, go for Choose Rules > Manage Rules & Alerts from the ribbon or select the File tab and then click on Manage Rules & Alerts

  • Here, from the Rules and Alerts dialog box, go to the E-mail Rules tab, and then select New Rule option here

  • In the Rules Wizard, just choose a template, then pick one of the default templates under Stay Organized, Stay Up to Date, or, Start from a blank rule

How email rules help you to manage your Hotmail account?

  • Stay Organized

When you get 1000s of email messages in your inbox, you need to get a specific manner to keep them categorized organized. This is really helpful when you wish to get your important mail available on time. These rules help you not only to file messages but also to follow-up with such conversation, especially with business clients. You can create a rule for messages from a specific sender or email address. Here, you can define a rule with a certain keyword and that will be flagged for follow-up, categorized as Sales, and moved to a folder named by you.

  • Stay Up to Date

Any such rules will notify you based on keywords or choices you make when you get a particular message in your inbox. You can easily create a rule for your Hotmail account as mentioned earlier. Let’s say you can set a rule to send an automatic reply to a particular message to a mobile device when you receive a message from a defined sender.

  • Start from a blank rule

You can start with blank rules which can be modified easily. Any of these are rules that you can create and customize without a rule template that will help you. This is the best took to keep your inbox organized.

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