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How To Fix Hotmail Account Error 550 – Updated

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Hotmail is one of the pioneers of free email service. This feature-rich and user-friendly email service from the house of Microsoft is used both for personal and professional communication. At the time of sending mail via Hotmail, many users face Error 550. It is a common error on the Hotmail server.

The Outgoing server maintains the basic SMPT protocol, and if you are facing Error 550, then the outgoing server can’t connect with the server and is not able to respond to your mail-sending request.

But the good part of Error 550 is that you don’t need to be technically sound to resolve it. With the help of the following steps, you can easily fix the Hotmail Error 550.

Complete Guide to Resolve Hotmail Error 550

  • Open your Hotmail account from the computer.
  • In your account, you will find the Tool tab.
  • Under the Tool tab, there is an Account. Click on it.
  • After selecting Account, you need to click on the Email Server settings
  • Now go to the SMTP and make sure that the server name is
  • Then go to the More settings
  • Click on the Outgoing server
  • Check on the option My server requires authentication
  • Now save the settings and close the Tab
  • Now try to send an email from your Hotmail account.

If you still getting Error 550 in Hotmail, then you can try to enable SMTP authentication in Outlook. If you are using a Microsoft Outlook Email client and don’t have SMTP authentication, then there is a huge chance to classify your email as spam. Your spam score denies sending emails from your Hotmail account and shows you Error 550. You need to follow the instructions to enable SMTP authentication.

You need to evaluate the content of your email before sending it. The Outgoing servers of Hotmail are using the spam evolution software, which scans and tracks the content of the email. The spam scanner set at the most lenient level will prevent the emails that have a high spam score. It will evaluate both the title and the body of the email. Don’t use popular spamming terms like prize, lottery, etc. Rewrite the message of the body if there is any suspicious term, and then try to send it again.

If this problem persists, then the Internet Service Provider is blocking port 25 of the Outgoing mail server. You can use the email server instead of using your own. You can also switch to port 587 if you don’t want to use your ISP’s server for SMTP. If your Hotmail account is still showing the Error 550 message, then you can dial our toll-free Hotmail Customer Support Phone Number and share your problem with experts.

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