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A bookmark is a widely used term for keeping that particular page stored for later retrieval. This has similar use and meaning with the internet and web browser world. When you are using some web page and you want to get a similar web page on a frequent interval; you can actually bookmark it and get access easily with a single click.

The concept of a web browser’s bookmark started from the initial days of the web browser and the internet. It was there in the Mosaic browser in 1993 and users are still using it. When you are in need of writing or composing emails frequently from your Hotmail account; it becomes a difficult exercise to sign in and click on the compose mail option.

Here, we have the solution with bookmarking your compose mail page. This is really helpful as whenever needed, you can simply click on this bookmark or open it directly from this link. You can learn to create a bookmark of the new message link in Hotmail.

Steps To Bookmark The New Message Link In Hotmail

  • First, you need to sign in to the Hotmail webpage in your web browser using your Microsoft credentials

  • Here, click on New, so this will allow you to compose a new message

  • After that press Ctrl+D on your keyboard to bookmark that new message link, click on Done when a prompt pops out on the upper right of the screen to confirm the bookmark

  • Once gets confirmation; then make sure that your link is now in your bookmarks/favorites list and working as well

Your bookmark for the new message has been created successfully; this is easy to use from your web browser. It will save your time in the process of signing in and clicking on the compose mail.

But, in case you still face some problem, then you can freely call our technicians at toll-free Hotmail customer service number.

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