How To Remove/Delete IP From Hotmail Blacklist

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If you are confronting the problem of sending and receiving emails in Hotmail, then maybe your account has been blacklisted.  There are various reasons for which Hotmail may blacklist your account.

To remove or delete your IP address from Hotmail blacklist, you need to find out the real reason for it first. Here are the procedures to find out the reasons for it.

  • Check the server log to find out any sudden rise in the volume of email in your account. You have to check it for 3-10 days.
  • Make sure that the SMTP authentication is correct.
  • If you have any PHP script, then you have to configure PHP to log mail using the mail.login entry
  • Check your favorite blacklist lookup tool for your IP
  • Check the sending reputation of your server from the web
  • Check the status of bulk forwarded emails from your server
  • Check your server for any newsletter
  • Check for the bulk marketing program on your server
  • Check the DNS related entries

The most common reasons for IP blacklisting are

  • Insecure web applications
  • Compromised user account
  • Email configuration issues
  • Email usage issues.

To remove or delete your IP address from the Hotmail blacklist, you need to contact Microsoft. But before contacting them, check the status of your account.

  • Make sure that your IP address is not listed in any of the leading public email blacklists like Spamhaus.
  • Check your account’s score in SenderScore which should be more than 75.
  • Check the key DNS settings again for any error

Now you have to complete the Sender Information Form to request Microsoft to remove your IP address from the blacklist. You need to fill-up the form accurately.

You need to provide the perfect email header along with all the reliable information. If they will find out that your account is not spamming their system, then they will remove or delete your IP address from the Hotmail blacklist in 2-3 business days.

If you have not sorted the issues with your Hotmail account, then your IP address will block your IP address again within a few days of delisting. And sadly, this time they will do it permanently.

If you are not confident to apply to remove or delete your IP address from the Hotmail blacklist, you can seek help from third party services. Dial toll-free Hotmail customer support service number and get more information about this problem.

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