Hotmail Email Freezes Up Constantly

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You must have experienced it in your daily life while browsing your Hotmail account that is used to get a freeze. In fact, when you try to sign in to your Hotmail account; it used to take years to upload it.

This is a common issue when a user actually struggles to get in their own Hotmail account or when the sign-in page takes much time to load. Sometimes, the page gets freeze or hang up while uploading. We have a solution with these tips; where you will find solutions to get the freezing problem fixed.

 Tips – Switch Browser Or Update It

The first thing you can do to fix the Hotmail freezing is by switching to some other web browser. This is a common issue when your web browser is not supported by the latest development of Hotmail service. There are some frequent changes and updated features in Hotmail, which you just can’t access with a poor or unsupported web browser.

What you should do is to try some other web browser which supports Hotmail. In fact, you can try to update your existing web browser as sometimes missing updates create problems to upload the Hotmail page.

 Tips – Clear Temporary Files And Caches

The temporary files and caches are really helpful to get your favorite and frequently visited page uploads quickly. It does not just save the time, but an extra effort too; yet it is a problem for users. When the temporary files are too old or when the required page is not available or got updated; you will find the error which results in the freezing of your Yahoo page.

The solution is here when you clear your temporary files and cache of your browser. This will remove the error and you could visit the page seamlessly. In fact, we should make it a practice to clear temporary files and caches timely.

Tips – Browser Plug-In Troubleshooting

When you find some issue with your internet browser, you can use in the safe mode. This allows users to access the basic features of your browser, but you can’t access the add-ons, other scripts, and features. These add-ons can create a problem, you need to fix them. This is common when you are using so many add-ons and built-in plug-ins.

The only way to fix this issue is by removing or disabling the plug-ins. Just use the safe mode of your browser and disable all add-ons and plug-ins. Once you are done with it, then close the browser and restart it.

To know more information, dial toll-free Hotmail customer support service number.

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