How To Protect Yahoo Data From Theft?

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“A bundle of account security issues may arise in the case, don’t pick a strong password for your Yahoo email account.”

Users of Yahoo are likely to keep their personal information, financial data, etc. Safe and make sure to protect it from online threats. These days, it’s becoming difficult for some of its users to protect data and follow the sound practices for keeping sensitive, personal information secure and safe.

Let’s follow some of the necessary recommendations for protecting your Yahoo account:

  • You need to change your security questions, passwords, and answers for your Yahoo account.
  • Review all your accounts for doubtful activity.
  • Don’t click on the download option or on link attachments from suspicious emails.
  • Use your Yahoo Account Key to eliminate the need for a password on Yahoo.
  • Don’t give any of your personal information on any unsolicited communications. Also, try not to give it when a web page asks for your personal information.

Additionally, you need to check your personal email settings. In case notified via Yahoo that your Yahoo has been hacked, quickly check your email settings for making sure that no “forwarding” permissions have been enabled. There is a big possibility that cybercriminals could have turned on settings and that has permitted them for forwarding receive or send messages from your account.

Don’t get fooled in case your email provider has sent you a notification of Yahoo security breach, with a link for resetting your password. Do not click on that link because it’s a fraud and actually designed for stealing your account password.

Some of the additional advice for protecting your Yahoo account:

  • Don’t use a similar password for other accounts. Try to create a unique Yahoo password for every account.
  • In case you have been using the same password for other accounts, think about changing them at once.
  • Make sure to always access your Yahoo account from a trusted device and also keep in mind to log out after use.
  • You can use the Account key in place of the password for your Yahoo email account.
  • Finally, enable two-step verification in an email account to make it protected.

These steps will guide you accurately about how to protect Yahoo data breach from cyber attack. But in case you still feel some issue, then call us at toll-free Yahoo customer support number and talk with experts.

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