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In present-day marketing strategy, all most all the companies depend on the email campaign. Everyday hundreds of emails deliver to our inbox. But only a few of them are able to leave an impact on our minds. Though every mail wants to grab our attention, most of them end in the trash folder. On the other hand, if you decorate your email with images and attachment, the Yahoo spam filter will automatically prevent them to be delivered in your inbox. And if you format your email in plain text then barely the receivers notice it. So the business houses are looking for an alternate but safe way to meet both the needs. And rich text formatting in Yahoo mail is the perfect solution for them.

What is Rich Text Formatting in Yahoo Mail?

Sending emails in plain text or with attachments are old school now. Yahoo introduces the new, funky and colorful but the light Rich Text formatting in emails. In this format, you can add stationery, graphical smiley, inline message and custom font in your email. It is gaining its popularity not only in professional communication, but also in the personal arena. The graphical smiley will definitely help you to express your emotions in words. Rich Text Formatting, or RTF supports JPEG, PNG, EMF, WMF, bitmap and Metafile files in email.

How to send emails with Rich Text Formatting in Yahoo Mail?

If you want to add RTF in your email, you need to enable it. While composing an email, you need to click Switch  to Rich Text located below the Subject tab. After switching, you can use the Rich Text Formatting in your emails.

How to send emails with Rich Text Formatting in Yahoo Mail Classic?

To enable the Rich Text Formatting in Yahoo Mail classic, you need to follow the below-stated steps:

  1. Go to the Yahoo Mail Toolbar and select Options and then Mail Options.
  2. Check that Mail is selected under the Option menu in the left.
  3. Now go to the Personalization tab and click on the General Preferences.
  4. Now you have to select Compose messages as color and graphics under the Composing Emails.

5. Now click on Save to continue.

While composing a mail in Yahoo classic, you can also switch editors to get the Rich Text Formatting.

Remember, you can either compose emails in plain font or fancy fonts. You cannot cater both the needs. Sadly, Yahoo is not so flexible with the choice of your font. You can choose one format at a time only.

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  1. Formatting email on Samsung tablet. It seems to have disappeared. Gmail and yahoo
    Are my 2 email accounts. Neither one shows a way to access formatting or rich text.

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