How To Add Image to Signature in MSN Account

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You can not only add your personalized signature in your MSN account but also you can give your signature a face by adding an image to it. You can use this feature to add your company’s logo to mail or add it for fun to your personal MSN Outlook account. To know how you can add an image to your signature in MSN Outlook, follow the guide below.

10 Steps to Add Image to Signature in MSN Account

1.) On your Outlook account, open a new email and go to the Message tab to select Include group > Signature > Signatures.

2.) Now, click on the New button under Select signature to edit option.

3.) Next, type a name for the signature in the New Signature dialog box.

4.) Then, go to under signature sections and type the signature that you want to assign to your outgoing emails.

5.) Here, under the Edit signature section, you will multiple options such as the type of font, size, Bold, Italic, Color, etc. Make use of them to make your signature look more appealing.

6.) Now, to add an image to your signature, click on the Image icon located next to the Business Card option. Browse and select the image file, and click on the Insert button.

7.) If you want, you can resize the image by right-clicking on the image and selecting option Picture. Go to the Size tab and use the available options to resize the image. Make sure to check the box next to the Lock aspect ratio to keep image proportion.

8.) After that, go to the Choose default signature section on the top right section and make the following changes:

  • E-mail account: If you have multiple email accounts configured in your Outlook, select the email account for which you want to add this signature.
  • New messages: Select the signature which you want to add automatically to all new outgoing emails. If you don’t want the signature to be added automatically, select None.
  • Replies/forwards: Select the signature which you wish to add automatically when you reply or forward emails. Otherwise, select None.

9.) When done, click on the OK button to save the newly created signature.

10.) Even though you have selected to add a new signature automatically to all new outgoing emails, however, in the current email which you would have opened, you will need to add the signature manually.

NOTE: If you want, you can also include social media links in your signature. Simply Save the required icon on your computer. Then go to Outlook > Home > New E-mail > Message tab > Include > Signature > Signatures > Edit Signature. On the next line beneath the signature, simply click on the Image icon.

Browse and select the social media icon. Select Insert > Hyperlink and in the address box, type the social media link which you wish to add. Finally, press OK.

For further assistance, feel free to get in touch with our MSN customer support team via our 24-hour toll-free number, email, or live chat support option.

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