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Spam mails or Junk mails are not only irritating but a security threat to an email account and user. Spam or Junk mail is sent by some marketers to steal some information from the receiver or sometimes for phishing. You will see a chunk of useless emails in your account which has no use for you. This is a real problem when you unknowingly subscribed to any useless website or offer and your email has been disclosed to other marketers.

If you take a look at your email inbox and go to the Yahoo spam folder you will find hundreds of unsolicited email messages in your spam box. You have nothing to do with these emails, but they are still there in your inbox. You can identify spam mail with these criteria.

  • Anonymity – The address or sender’s identity is not familiar or concealed
  • Mass Mailing – The same email has been sent to a large number of users
  • Unsolicited – You haven’t asked for the mail or unaware of any such conversation

Your Yahoo AT & T email account is also not safe from spam or junk mails. You must be getting these emails frequently. This is really annoying to see a huge chunk of spam mail in the inbox which you have to clean every time. You are also at risk of phishing if you accidentally click on any of these emails.

When you are struggling with spam mails in your Yahoo ATT account; you need to fix this issue. This could be really helpful if you can block some of the spam emails. You can learn to block spam emails in your Yahoo AT&T account easily.

How to block a spam mail address in Yahoo?

Your AT&T email account makes it easier to block unwanted mails or spam mails. You can do it, simply by logging into your Yahoo AT & T account.

  • First, you need to log in to your AT&T email account using user name and password
  • Then go to the gear icon and click on it
  • Now select Settings on the top-right corner of this page
  • Here you need to choose Blocked Addresses, from the left-hand menu
  • Then enter the address you are interested to block in the Add an address section
  • Now choose the Ban button and then click on the Save button

This particular email address is blocked, and now you will not receive email messages from that address in the future. You can block any email address in which you find spam or junk emails.

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