How To Activate Skype Services In MSN Email?

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Both Skype and MSN Email come from the family of Microsoft and thus can be linked together for a more engaging experience. Linking Skype services with your MSN Email account such as Outlook lets you make most of your Skype and Outlook. You can easily have chat, make Skype audio and video calls with your contacts.

Below are some simple steps that you need to follow in order to activate Skype services in the Outlook email account.

Steps to Activate Skype Services in MSN Email account

  1. To open your Skype account in Outlook, simply sign in to your Outlook account and click on the Skype icon located on the top right corner of your Outlook page. This will let you start making calls to your friends on Skype immediately
  2. If you are having a Skype account already, you will need to link your Skype account to your Outlook email account. For that, simply click on the Sign-in option located on the bottom right corner of the Outlook window to log into your Skype or Microsoft account.
  3. You will see a confirmation message once you are successfully logged into your account. Now, to start using Skype from your Outlook email account, you will first need to install a Skype web Plugin. The Plugin will get installed automatically when you make a voice call or a video call.
  4. The Skype Web Plugin functions with Windows Desktop – Chrome, Firefox Internet Explorer 9 (above version), and with Mac OS – Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.
  5. You just need to install the Skype Web Plugin on a single browser even if you are using several web browsers on your computer.
  6. You can only send instant messages to your contacts in Outlook account if your browser does not support add-ons or plugins. You will not be able to make Skype video or voice calls in such a case.
  7. The Skype web plugin does not work on Chromebooks and Linux.

So this is how you can activate Skype services and make most of it on your MSN email account. For more information, solutions, and tips and tricks, get in touch with our Skype customer support team. As a third-party Skype customer service provider, we assure to cater you with best-in-class solutions for all your Skype-related queries.

To contact us, feel free to give us a call MSN customer support service 24-hour toll-free number for instant technical support. You can also send your query via email or you can have a one on one conversation with our expert via live chat support anytime, from anywhere.

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