How To Resolve Server Error 3219 In Hotmail Account

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Server Error 3219 in Hotmail is a common problem frequently faced by the users. Apparently, the problem is still not resolved by the developers. In this error, the users can’t send emails and get the notification of the error 3219 instead.

The error denotes that Hotmail can’t connect with the Microsoft server. The team of Microsoft developers has found out the core of the problem is based on the two sorts of authentication, which are using the same credentials at the exact time. Among the two usages of the credentials, one is using to sign-in to your account and another one is to connect with the mail server.

In most of the cases, the error 3219 is disturbing the users who have configured WLM for the connection and sync mail with the help of Secure HTTPS link. The problem of WLM overloading and updating is an age-old problem but they are unable to resolve it due to its complexity.

As a solution, the people who are using a third-party email app are asked to configure the accounts as either of the IMAP or POP protocol. So if you want to resolve server error 3219 in the Hotmail account, you need to re-configure the mail account.

Steps To re-configure your Hotmail account

  1. Open your Hotmail account with username and password.
  2. Now go to the Account Tab and find the + and @ symbols and click it.
  3. Now you have to enter the email address, password, and display name.
  4. You need to check Manually Configure Server Settings.

  1. You have to select IMAP under the Incoming Server Information.
  2. In the Server Address field insert and insert 993 in the port.
  3. Now check the Requires a secure connection SSL.
  4. Find out the Outgoing Server Information.
  5. Now in the Server Address field type and in the port section type 587.
  6. Now check the Requires a secure connection SSL and Requires Authentication.
  7. Then press the Next button.

Finally, your account has been re-configured. You can view your new Hotmail account in If there are some important emails remain in your previous account, you can import them to the new account simply by dragging and dropping. Now check your Hotmail account which is hopefully getting rid of the error 3219.

In case you need any further details about server error 3219, then you can call us at toll-free Hotmail customer service number.

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