How To Resolve Hotmail Account Crashes Issue

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When you find that Hotmail account is crashing frequently, you need to find a solution for it; as you don’t have any other way to get access of your mail account from your computer. Here we have the solution for this frequent crashes problem. You can take help from this experts’ guide.

Why Hotmail account crashes?

  • When a Windows system infected with a virus / malware code.
  • If there is some hardware issue
  • When, you have corrupted Outlook installation
  • If Outlook data files got damaged
  • When there is some conflict between 3rd party add-ins or between Outlook and a 3rd party Outlook add-in

Tips to fix the Hotmail account crash issue

When, your Off CAT reported an Outlook crash caused by a System file; you can take help from these tips

  • You should make sure you have the latest Office / Outlook updates downloaded on your Outlook 2013 installation; if not, you can do it from their support page.
  • You can start Outlook with the /first run switch, so it loads as if it is running for the first time by simply typing Outlook /first run in the Windows RUN command prompt. If it solves your crashes, then the Outlook crashes were caused by an Outlook incorrect configuration and it will be fixed
  • You can use the Scan PST tool to figure out for any Outlook data files for integrity errors. You can find it as C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office15 (or C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office15 for Windows / Office x64 or C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office 15\root\office15 for Office installed using Click to run
  • You can use the Microsoft online Outlook Product Stability Diagnostics Tool to check with the Microsoft support for common issues and their respective solutions with your Microsoft account

When, your Off CAT reported an Outlook crash caused by a 3rd party add-in / program/ software, then you can help from here

  • First, start Outlook with no add-ins loaded and check if Outlook 2013 keeps crashing or not. In order to start it without add-ins, simply use this RUN command as Outlook /safe:3
  • You can contact the add-in developers to check if the Outlook add-in is compatible with your Outlook version or not. In case there are any known conflicts with other 3rd party add-ins, you can get the solution
  • The solution is just to uninstall the faulty add-in and reinstall it if needed, else use Outlook without it

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