How do you reset a Hotmail account?

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When you have forgotten your Hotmail password and not able to get into your account, then this is the time to reset your Hotmail password. The Hotmail password is easy to reset. There is more than one method to reset the password. Users can choose according to their own choice, whatever suits you best.

How do you reset a Hotmail account?

  • Your first step is to go to the Reset your password page or simply follow the link
  • And, then specify the reason you need your password to reset, then click on Next button
  • After that, provide the Hotmail account email address you are trying to recover or reset
  • In order to process further, you need to enter the characters as you see on the screen, then click on Next button
  • In case, you have security info on your account, you will get a one-time code to the alternate phone number or email address you registered with Hotmail
  • Once you enter the code on the next screen, then you will be able to make a new password
  • This password will be used for further accessing your Hotmail account until you change it any more

This method is for resetting the password of your Hotmail account online. In case, you have Windows 10 and using it for your Hotmail account; then we have a different method to reset from your Windows 10 based computer.

Windows 10 users guide for resetting the Hotmail password

  • Start from the sign-in screen, you need to type your Microsoft account name if it’s not displayed there. In case, there are multiple accounts on your PC, you need to select the one to reset
  • Now, click on I forgot my password below the password text box
  • From the Recover your account screen, you need to type the characters displayed in the box below Enter the characters you see the option, then click on Next button
  • Here, on the Verify your identity screen, you need to choose to receive your security code either as a text or email message for verification of your account. In case, you have selected text, then you need to type the last four digits of your phone number there, and then select Send code option
  • The moment you get the code as a text or email message on a separate device, then you need to enter it and then click on Next button
  • From, the Reset your password screen, just click on create a new password and then click on Next button
  • Your final step is to select Next again to return to the sign-in screen once again
  • Now, sign in with your new Hotmail account password

This is the latest development in the Hotmail and Microsoft accounts for Windows 10 users. You can get benefitted from it if you follow the above guide. If still, you are looking for further support contact Hotmail customer support service so you can

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