How To Remove Block Emails List In Yahoo Mail?

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Have you blocked someone mistakenly in your Yahoo account? If yes, then go through with this small article and see how to remove the blocked email list in your Yahoo account.

You often get bundled of spam each day and at times, you block someone who is actually legitimate. Most of the time, it happens either by mistake or whenever you are running short of time and you fall prey to the knee-jerk reaction.

If you have blocked someone by mistake and want to remove it from the blocked list, then don’t sit back and relax. Act as fast as you can and remove the blocked email from the blocked list so that you can be notified of the new messages and emails.

6 Steps to Remove the Blocked Email address In Yahoo:

1.) Log on to your Yahoo account.

2.) Click the gear-like icon on the top right-hand side of the screen.

3.) Choose Settings.

4.) Hit Blocked Addresses.

5.) Now choose one by one emails you wish to unblock and press the remove button respectively.

6.) Restart the browser and enjoy it.

Sometimes Yahoo doesn’t work properly and you don’t receive emails despite removing the email address from the blocked list.

To get rid of such a situation, you need to keep the following things in mind.

  • Make sure that you use the latest version of the internet browser.
  • You must ensure a fast and stable network connection.
  • Make sure that your device or system gets the operating system updates regularly.
  • Antivirus, firewall, performance tweak programs have the ability to restrict the data traffic, as a result, it might be possible that Yahoo doesn’t work perfectly fine. You must disable the antivirus, firewall, and other performance tweaking utilities.
  • Clear the cookies, cache, and browsing data from the beginning of time to enhance the performance and the efficiency of the internet browser. Do it regularly for the smoother Yahoo experience.

If you are unable to remove the email address from the blocked list, then call our certified Yahoo technicians on our toll-free helpline number of Yahoo Customer Support Service and get the prompt resolution for any of the issues you have been facing related to your Yahoo account.


  1. Hi,

    I am trying to unblock an email address but there is no option to do this , only to permanently delete it. Please help


  2. I blocked fb. Now I cant reset my page,…. tried to go in set a security with my new phone number. Big mistake. ?.cant get in now. Fb went crazy. Nothing works…. what to do.

  3. How to delete the entire blocked list?? Not one-at-a-time. I have 1000 blocked now (maximum allowed) and I need to delete the whole list at one shot! Can it be done???

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