How To Check Storage Size And Limit In Yahoo Mail

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1TB of storage equal to 1000GBs!

This is the total size available for a user of Yahoo Mail account to keep all the emails, attachments, files, photos, and others. This is to help you keep your data easily accessible and use it for better communication.

The 1TB storage is space is enough for any Yahoo users to keep all the important information at a single place. In fact, you don’t need to pay for anything as you are using the free account of the Yahoo email service. 

Now, comes the real problem; how to find out space I used and what is left for me to use in my Yahoo mail account?

This is really difficult to understand that the amount of Yahoo storage space should be clear to users, so they can understand that when they need to clear some space and when to take a backup of old emails. We have this quick guide for you to learn and understand the space available on your Yahoo account.

The permitted size and storage limits for photos in Yahoo Mail

  • 100GB total storage limit for photos
  • Your photo size is limited to 5MB size per photo
  • Whatever posted on the Photos page counts towards the 100GB limit
  • The total storage of photos depends on the size/resolution of your individual photos; yet you can store up to several thousand photos

The permitted size and storage limits for files and attachments in Yahoo Mail

  • 100MB total storage limit for files and attachments
  • 5MB size limit per file or attachment, not more
  • All the content posted on the Files or Attachments pages counts against the allowed 100MB limit
  • When your content exceeds the maximum storage limits for either of these features and still want to add more content, you have to delete existing items to make some space for new ones

You can check the available space in your account by following these steps.

5 Steps to Check the Storage Size in Yahoo Mail account

  1. First, you need to sign in to your Yahoo Mail account
  2. Then, mouse over the Settings menu icon and here selects Settings option by clicking on it
  3. Then, go and click on the Accounts option
  4. Here, from the 1TB of storage is the percent of storage used and left for use, you can easily identify the space available
  5. If needed, you should clear some room by deleted old and unused emails, attachments, files and photos

When you find that there is less space or you are running out of storage space in your account, you should clear some space by deleting the old and unused emails, files, photos, or attachments.

For further details, dial toll-free Yahoo customer care service number and directly talk with experts.

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