How To Add Auto-Reply In Hotmail Email Account?

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Have you ever felt that you are a little late to reply to an important email? Maybe you were busy with some important work. A sender gets confused if he/she doesn’t receive a reply to his/her mail. The thoughts that whether the receiver didn’t reply intentionally or does he ever receive the email bother him/her, especially when a reply is of utmost importance (in case of job applications.)

If you don’t want to fall on the list of such recipients who don’t reply to their emails, then Hotmail’s auto-reply feature will save you. After all, replying to important mail messages reflects good emailing manners. This feature will inform the expecting senders if you are busy or on a vacation. At least, you can tell them about your return date or when can they expect the reply.

Let’s see how easily you can set this option to reply on your behalf in your absence.

6 Steps To Add Auto-Reply In Hotmail Account

  • Sign in to your account and select “Options>More Options” from the toolbar.
  • Under the “Managing your account” click on the “Sending automated vacation replies” link.
  • Make sure “Send vacation replies to people who email me” is checked.
  • Type the message you want senders to receive through auto-reply option. Keep the message short – provide information on when you will be able to reply personally and who can be contacted in the meantime. The default subject for auto-reply mails on Windows Live Hotmail is “Vacation Reply.”
  • Select the “Only reply to your contacts” option to make sure that the auto-reply message is sent to your contacts only and not to all the mails you receive (promotional and social.)
  • “Save” the changes you have made.

You are all set. Now, your incoming emails will be answered automatically via the auto-reply feature. You can easily close this feature once you are free for replying to your emails. Select “don’t’ send any vacation replies” after following the “Sending automated vacation replies” link.

In case you don’t have time, we are happy to help you in setting up the auto-reply feature. Just give a call to Hotmail customer service support number and we will handle the rest. We understand that you have important work and help you with your email management when you are busy.

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