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Spamming is a big issue and especially for individuals who are not very well versed with the technology and used to get trapped in the phishing and Yahoo spam filters. In fact, ask who wants to get unwanted emails in their inbox and there will be a big NO.

We all know that these are unwanted emails, but the real issue is to keep them away from your inbox. Fortunately, Yahoo users have the privilege that they can use Yahoo Email Filters and Mark-To-Spam tools to keep such emails away from their inbox. The step by step guides given here is helpful for you to learn and get rid of junk emails.

Steps to create a filter in Yahoo Mail using desktop

• First, sign in to your Yahoo Mail account

• Then, mouse over the Settings icon and select Settings by clicking on it

• Then click on the option of Filters

• Now, for a new filter click on Add button

• Then, enter a Filter Name

• Here, you need to specify the filter criteria by entering the filter criteria in the given space

• Afterward, select a folder to deliver the affected emails to or select New Folder to create a new one

• Then click on Save button
• In the final step, click on Save again to return to your emails
• That’s all

If you are using the Yahoo Mail app; you need to follow these steps.
Steps to Filter out spam in Yahoo Mail App
• Start from the home screen and go to Yahoo Mail app
• Then tap on an email to open it or select multiple emails by pressing and hold an email from the Inbox or tap on additional emails to select them
• Now, tap the More icon according to your Smartphone’s OS
• Finally, tap Mark as spam to filter this email sender from your inbox

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Experts’ tips to avoid spam in future

  •  Make sure to avoid replying to unknown senders
  • Try to avoid disclosing your email address to any email marketer or promotional events
  • Avoid replying to email subscriptions asking to be removed
  • Don’t get trapped into the spam remover website; the only way is to do it manually.

In case, you still face some issues after these steps, then you can dial toll-free Yahoo customer support service number and directly connect with experts.

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